The Choice is Yours


With the Dragon Golf Course, Altitude Recreation Center and the stunning Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Lodge at its core, Nakoma’s 1,280 acres go, literally, above and beyond. Nakoma’s thousand-foot elevation transitions from canyon-side homesites to spectacular mountaintop offerings providing a stunning variety of building site options. At Nakoma your dream lot is here for the choosing.
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Homesite #118

802 Dancing Bears

1.74 acres
  • View
  • Open Space

The views from this desireable downsloping corner parcel are spectacular. Build on the natural promontory flanked by seasonal creeks and the magic of breathtaking Sierra sunsets will be yours forever. There’s no end to the exploration available in the open space bordering the property.

Homesite #126

1156 Cloud Painter

2.22 acres
  • Open Space

Find glorious seclusion at the end of the cul-de-sac. This spacious parcel backs to open space with National Forest just beyond. This dream location is like living in your own private forest.

Homesite #129

878 Cloud Painter

1.49 acres
  • Open Space

Enjoy the true mountain experience in this forest setting dotted with open spaces and a gentle downslope at the rear of the parcel. A nice neighborhood view adds a sense of connection to the community. The parcel comes with house plans.

Homesite #013

169 Windsong

1.17 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage
  • View

SOLD! – With a spectacular rock formation and the iconic number 6 fairway as a backdrop, this parcel is the perfect canvas for your architectural masterpiece. The lay of the land offers an intuitive building site with easy access from the street shielded by forest. The rear of the property offers a landscape of bright greens dotted with hues of shimmering silver — a golf-lover’s paradise.

Homesite #131

228 Dancing Bears

1.43 acres
  • View
  • National Forest

Perched above Dancing Bears, this winsome forest parcel offers wonderful mountain views in several directions.

Homesite #134

148 Dancing Bears

3.09 acres
  • National Forest

Escape to the National Forest from this woodland parcel. Convenient location and room to roam in quiet serenity.

Homesite #137

38 Dancing Bears

1.16 acres
  • National Forest

This sweet forest parcel at the eastern Dancing Bears gate borders National Forest land on two sides, providing endless recreational opportunities at a lower elevation for year-round enjoyment.

Homesite #140

1348 Red Sky

1.24 acres
  • View

Spectacular mountain views greet you from this golf course fronting parcel. Overlook the 1st fairway to the Sierra crest from this gently downsloping lot tucked into the core of the Nakoma community. Easy access to the driving range, bocce ball courts, clubhouse and the athletic courts that are coming soon.

Homesite #142

1405 Red Sky

2.43 acres
  • View

This roomy uphill parcel in a wooded setting offers pretty northwestern views of the spectacular Sierra crest. A perfect spot to unplug and enjoy spectacular sunsets.

Homesite #144

1775 Dream Maker

2.01 acres
  • View

SOLD! – Build your dream home on this downsloping forested parcel and enjoy stunning panoramic views of the crest of the Sierra.

Homesite #146

1674 Dream Maker

1.18 acres
  • View

This beautiful upsloping parcel opens to sweeping west facing views of Eureka Peak. A charming blend of cedar and pine trees are scattered around the wide open building site that will capture a lifetime of riveting sunsets.

Homesite #154

1374 Dream Maker

1.62 acres
  • View

The moderate downslope of this homesite presents mountain views that create a restful serenity in every season. Secluded in a natural forest setting, this parcel provides privacy and connection to the natural world.

Homesite #159

1323 Startop

0.76 acres
  • Ridgetop
  • View

This stunning ridgetop lot has level street access to an easy build site with world-class views of the remarkable Sierra ridgeline. On this elevated open parcel with its expansive views it’s easy to feel kinship with the eagles and hawks that float by.

Homesite #016

266 Morning Sun

2.25 acres
  • View
  • Golf Course Frontage

SOLD! – This spacious homesite overlooks the 6th fairway and offers glorious mountain views. Located at the end of a cul-de-sac, the parcel provides a tranquil escape yet easy access to the resort’s many amenities.

Homesite #162

1523 Dream Maker

1.98 acres
  • View
  • Forest Preserve

The driveway on this notable parcel winds gently uphill to a wonderful building site with splendid views. The property backs to a 600 acre forest preserve. It’s a true mountain lover’s delight.

Homesite #167

1665 Dream Maker

3.39 acres
  • View

SOLD! – Stunning panoramic views of the Sierra crest await from a beautiful building site easily accessed from the street. The parcel’s downslope maximizes the view from any angle and elevation of your mountain dream home.

Homesite #017

252 Morning Sun

2.01 acres
  • View
  • Golf Course Frontage

Bordering the 6th fairway, this cul-de-sac parcel offers blissful mountain views and an intriguing landscape that includes an arroyo with an ephemeral creek.

Homesite #170

1138 Dream Maker/1031 Red Sky

2.31 acres
  • View

Situated at the intersection of Dream Maker and Red Sky, this generous parcel offers many options for building. The combination of mountain and neighborhood views creates an expansive feeling.

Homesite #174

962 Red Sky

0.89 acres
  • View
  • Resort Core
  • Golf Course Frontage

SOLD! — The delightful golf course setting on the 18th fairway offers magnificent views of the course and mountains beyond. Bright and sunny with a gentle downslope, it’s a great place to build your mountain dream home.

Homesite #018

246 Morning Sun

2.23 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage
  • View

At the end of the drive lies a magical and secluded escape. The sloped terrain inspires the soul with intimate mountain views and a seasonal creek.

Homesite #180

565 Red Sky

1.36 acres
  • View
  • Resort Core
  • Open Space

With a level street entrance and downhill slope toward the rear of the property, your home built here will have excellent mountain views to the east. The gentle to moderate terrain borders open space, providing plenty of room to roam.

Homesite #181

601 Red Sky

1.25 acres
  • View
  • Resort Core

The gentle upslope of this corner parcel offers both mountain and neighborhood views. Its ideal location near the resort core at the intersection of Red Sky and Great Spirit provides multiple routes for easy access.

Homesite #191

1225 Dream Maker

2.26 acres
  • View

Enjoy the gentle northern light and expansive mountain views from this 2+ acre parcel that offers privacy and solitude.

Homesite #198

318 Red Sky

1.05 acres
  • View
  • Golf Course Frontage
  • Resort Core

This lovely parcel adjoining the 16th fairway is situated with western exposure for maximum afternoon sunlight. The mixture of attractive golf course and neighborhood views lends a feeling of community to an otherwise intimate forest setting. The afternoon sunlight glows on the wild grasses highlighting them against the rich greens of the fairway to create vistas that will never grow old.

Homesite #205

241 Red Sky

1.04 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage
  • Resort Core

This exceptional golf course parcel on the 11th fairway offers a great choice of multiple level building sites. Proximity to the Red Sky gate and resort core make this a fantastic location.

Homesite #021

206 Morning Sun

1 acres
  • Resort Core

Build with ease on this level corner homesite conveniently located near the community core. The convenient location makes this parcel a perfect starting point for all your Lost Sierra adventures and the forested beauty creates an ideal retreat for post-activity relaxation.

Homesite #210

429 Red Sky

0.78 acres
  • Resort Core
  • Golf Course Frontage

SOLD! – Make the lovely 15th fairway your special spot with this gently downsloping parcel fronting the golf course. Near the resort core for easy access to Nakoma amenities, this parcel offers afternoon shade from the many trees and an eastern aspect for bright, beautiful morning light.

Homesite #228

958 Startop

4.16 acres
  • View

This expansive 4+ acre parcel feels like your own private mountaintop. A superb, level building site near the front of the property takes advantage of 180 degrees of breathtaking views. Looking north, your gaze travels over forest and open valley to the magnificent Smith Peak. This is a truly stunning location.

Homesite #238

596 Startop

3.82 acres
  • View

At nearly four acres, this parcel is a world unto itself. A private drive takes you down the hill to a superb building site with stunning views to the north and east. The delight of bright morning sunshine will only be surpassed by the soothing orange/red glow of evening sunsets reflected on Beckwourth Peak to the east. It’s a truly inspirational spot.

Homesite #242

998 Moon Shadow

2.26 acres
  • View

The gentle to moderate uphill slope of this secluded parcel reveals a stunning panoramic view to the north and east. Bright morning sunlight will illuminate your home situated on an appealing, level building site in this quiet section of the community.

Homesite #244

863 Moon Shadow

3.1 acres
  • View

A fabulous level building site on a charming, secluded knoll mid-property offers seclusion and privacy with enticing views to the north. This generous parcel is large enough to have its own mini-canyon and deep forest that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

Homesite #246

870 Moon Shadow

5.03 acres
  • Open Space

The gentle downslope of this large corner parcel opens to an ideal building site with easy street access. Open space and the community trail system lie right across the street giving the parcel an even more expansive feel.

Homesite #249

29 Great Spirit

5.35 acres
  • View

At over 5 acres, this rolling parcel provides plenty of room to roam. The driveway leads to an ideal building site that is secluded yet offers inspiring mountain views. The convenient location at the Great Spirit gate means easy access to the many opportunities available in the Lost Sierra.

Homesite #255

329 Great Spirit

2.9 acres
  • View

Excellent northwest views emerge from this large parcel that borders both Great Spirit and Nighthawk. Its gentle to moderate slope is a wonderful setting for your perfect mountain home.

Homesite #262

58 Clouds Rest/625 Grt. Spirit

1.41 acres
  • View

This parcel fronts both Great Spirit and Clouds Rest and offers a level building site on a moderate uphill slope from Great Spirit. A lovely forest setting opens to compelling mountain views.

Homesite #265

574 Great Spirit

1.55 acres
  • Open Space

A pretty forest setting with a nice level building site awaits you on this acre-plus parcel. It is located near open space and the trail system that winds through the resort to the ridgeline at the top.

Homesite #266

542 Great Spirit

2.42 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage

This large homesite has golf course frontage on the beautiful 14th fairway. The spacious feel from the golf course is nicely contrasted with a private and secluded-feeling building site.

Homesite #027

859 Deer Trail

1.2 acres
  • Resort Core
  • Feather River

Envision the morning sun peeking over the mountaintops as you head down the street to access the wild and scenic Feather River for a little catch and release. It’s a dream come true when you make this corner homesite your home away from home.

Homesite #270

430 Great Spirit

1.13 acres
  • View
  • Golf Course Frontage

With the 14th fairway spread spaciously out in front and the forest on all sides, this parcel offers the true mountain golf course atmosphere. The moderate downslope provides both golf course and neighborhood views.

Homesite #275

208 Great Spirit

1.59 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage
  • View

Overlooking the green of the par 3, 13th fairway, this gentle downslope parcel opens up to wonderful golf course and mountain views.

Homesite #276

144 Great Spirit

3.08 acres
  • Forest Preserve

Located near the Great Spirit gate, this generous 3+ acre parcel offers easy access to your Lost Sierra adventures and a welcome retreat at the end of the day. Its gently rolling terrain provides nearly endless building options and creates a tranquil setting for enjoying the outdoors without leaving your property.

Homesite #277

187 Heavens Rest

1.32 acres
  • View
  • Golf Course Frontage

With beautiful southern exposure and overlooking the 13th green, this moderate downsloping parcel has an expansive feel and terrific views. The golf course frontage on golfer’s left and mountain vistas create an enticing ambience to this sizeable homesite.

Homesite #281

238 Heavens Rest

3.88 acres
  • View

This superb hilltop parcel of nearly 4 acres affords a wonderful view of Beckwourth Peak to the east. The expanisve parcel has a level building site surrounded by dense trees creating a beautiful, secluded setting to call home.

Homesite #284

28 Great Spirit

4.31 acres
  • Forest Preserve

Located conveniently at the Great Spirit gate, this expansive forest homesite of more than four acres offers privacy and seclusion as well as easy access. Select your perfect setting from multiple building sites available on the moderate rolling terrain.

Homesite #314

197 Clouds Rest

1.02 acres
  • View

This beautiful parcel offers a broad, open feel with prime western views. With juniper trees dotted about, the uphill slope gives your building site magnificent vistas from this stunning setting.

Homesite #317

391 Canyon Rim

2.08 acres
  • View
  • House Plans

Wide open spaces, spectacular panoramic views and house plans by renowned architect, Michael Rust, make this a phenomenal parcel for your Nakoma community home.

Homesite #032

183 Village Trail

1.25 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage
  • Resort Core

SOLD! – Enjoy proximity to resort amenities in a tranquil, sequestered setting overlooking the beautiful water feature on the risk/reward number eight, often compared to Augusta’s iconic 16th fairway.

Homesite #320

535 Canyon Rim

1.95 acres
  • Ridgetop
  • View

Vistas beyond belief are found on this magnificent ridgetop parcel. Your home will have views from every angle and elevation. This wide open homesite is home to intriguing volcanic rock outcroppings that are like statues created by the natural world. This is a rare and unique find.

Homesite #325

  • View

Homesite #328

452 Clouds Rest

2.48 acres
  • National Forest

The sweeping downslope on this sun-drenched parcel offers fabulous western exposure to its ideal building site. A gentle arroyo on the property is home to a seasonal creek and the property adjoins open space, creating a sense of restful seclusion.

Homesite #329

250 Clouds Rest

3.49 acres
  • Open Space
  • View

This unique parcel that is nearly surrounded by open space, offers a level building site in a sunny setting. A steep downslope leads to a seasonal creek that is flanked by a variety of trees, shrubs and rock outcroppings.

Homesite #336

925 Blazing Star

1.98 acres
  • National Forest

A level driveway at the end of the cul-de-sac leads to a charming building site in the trees. Backing to a 600 acre forest preserve, this serene and secluded setting is a restful place to call home.

Homesite #337

934 Clouds Rest

2.98 acres
  • View

The western exposure of this generous parcel overlooking a 600 acre forest preserve, provides expansive views protected from future development. Rugged granite outcroppings give unique character to this special homesite.


Homesite #340

592 Bear Paw

2.95 acres
  • View
  • National Forest

Follow the driveway to the rear of the property where you’ll find a splendid, secluded building site that backs to National Forest. A beautiful arroyo buffers you from the rest of the world and the views are enchanting.

Homesite #346

1005 Clouds Rest

1.91 acres
  • View

Enjoy ancient juniper trees and big western views from this appealing upslope parcel with an easy building site. Spectacular sunsets are found here.

Homesite #355

479 Eagles Nest

10.23 acres
  • View
  • Mountaintop

One is challenged to find a homesite in all of California that rivals the magnificence of this 10+ acre mountaintop aerie that borders Plumas National Forest. 300 degrees of breathtaking views provide a transformative experience of peace and serenity you’ll never want to leave. Choose from numerous exceptional building sites to to claim your place in this rareified air.

Homesite #356

1069 Clouds Rest

1.52 acres
  • View
  • House Plans

Set high above the resort, this moderate to steep uphill parcel is a land unto itself. Beautiful juniper trees augment the high prairie feel and provide contrast for the breathtaking views. Included are mountain modern house plans by architect Robert Nobelon with openings and angles that take advantage of the dramatic outdoors.

Homesite #358

709 Eagles Nest

15.76 acres
  • View
  • Mountaintop
  • National Forest

Transcendental views and a sense of oneness with nature await on this incomparable mountaintop property. Strewn with intriguing rock formations, this 15+ acre private forest offers a number of phenomenal building sites, each presenting a unique aspect. National Forest lies on two sides of the property, providing nearly endless recreation opportunities from your private retreat.

Homesite #359

702 Eagles Nest

1.7 acres
  • View

The moderate uphill terrain of this Eagles Nest parcel creates marvelous views and a delightful private setting in the trees.

Homesite #360

50 Eagles Nest

3.56 acres
  • View

This exceptional parcel is 3+ acres of forest setting with moderate rolling terrain that backs onto open space. Private and peaceful, it has stunning views.

Homesite #362

1038 Clouds Rest

2.23 acres
  • View

Set high above the resort core, this open and sunny parcel offers spectacular mountain and forest views. Downsloping from the street,and surrounded by two sides by open space, the moderate terrain creates a tranquil setting for your home.

Homesite #369

228 Morning Star

1.19 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage

This parcel is an ideal golf course setting with sunny, southern exposure and great views. The gentle downhill terrain creates a wide open setting that fronts both number 12 and 14 fairways.

Homesite #370

234 Morning Star

1.46 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage

You’ll find your ideal mountain golf course setting here with frontage on the 14th fairway and the classic par 3 13th hole right out your back door. With plenty of trees to your back and sweeping southern exposure to the front, this is a golfer’s dream parcel.

Homesite #373

199 Morning Star

1.55 acres
  • Resort Core
  • Forest Preserve
  • View

This pretty parcel offers a forest setting on a quiet cul-de-sac street with easy access to resort amenities. The level building site set in the trees offers a private retreat.

Homesite #381

963 Great Spirit

1.19 acres
  • View
  • Resort Core

SOLD! – Located at the corner of Red Sky and Great Spirit, the gently rolling terrain of this delightful parcel offers mountain and neighborhood views. Enjoy resort amenities with ease from this convenient location.

Homesite #387

1149 Great Spirit

0.66 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage
  • Resort Core

This parcel has an uphill slope with frontage on the 18th fairway and is located within easy proximity to Altitude Recreation Center.

Homesite #391

1223 Great Spirit

0.42 acres
  • View
  • Resort Core

Centrally located in the heart of Nakoma, your home will be walking distance to Nakoma’s most enticing new amenity, Altitude Recreation Center. The moderate uphill terrain of this parcel provides nice neighborhood views as well as views to the northern mountains. It’s a charming homesite.

Homesite #004

376 Village Trail

2.11 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage

The seventh fairway is a serene surrounding, perfect for a lazy afternoon on the deck. Or maybe a bike ride around the neighborhood; you’re close to the heart of the community at the corner of Village Trail and Windsong.

Homesite #409

543 Bear Paw

1.82 acres
  • Ridgetop
  • View

A moderate upslope from the street leads to a delightful building site at the top of the ridge. Spectacular 270 degree views and a nice downslope to a seasonal creek make this an exceptional setting for your mountain home.

Homesite #411

595 Bear Paw

3.63 acres
  • Ridgetop
  • View

This ridgetop homesite has breathtaking views, wide open spaces and a beautiful rolling terrain that backs to National Forest. It’s a glorious retreat.

Homesite #413

483 Paint Brush

0.36 acres
  • Open Space
  • National Forest

This charming parcel in a secluded corner of the community backs to National Forest on one side and open space on the other, giving it the feel of a much larger parcel.

Homesite #418

512 Paint Brush

0.68 acres
  • Open Space
  • National Forest

At the end of the cul-de-sac, this parcel offers privacy and a spacious feel with unbounded access to Plumas National Forest at the back and open space running the length of the property.

Homesite #042

764 Deer Trail

2.98 acres
  • National Forest
  • Feather River

This parcel is one of the best-kept secrets in the Nakoma community. An intriguing rock outcropping stands as sentinel to the private building site tucked into a deep forest setting. The wild and scenic Feather River will be your backyard playground via the access trail adjacent to the property.

Homesite #436

274 Deer Trail

1.85 acres
  • Feather River
  • National Forest

SOLD! – Steal away for unlimited R&R on this charming homesite that backs onto National Forest and is close to the wild and scenic Feather River. Endless opportunities for exploration await.

Homesite #438

196 Deer Trail

1.6 acres
  • Feather River
  • National Forest

Step out the back of this gently sloping parcel and find yourself in Plumas National Forest. Enjoy outstanding recreation opportunities and proximity to the resort’s many amenities.

Homesite #439

150 Deer Trail

1.28 acres
  • Feather River
  • National Forest

This level parcel is a forest-lover’s delight. Near the resort core yet backing to National Forest this parcel will appeal to those looking for a true mountain abode. With appealing views and proximity to the Feather River canyon, the natural world becomes home.

Homesite #440

200 Cool Water

2.11 acres
  • Open Space
  • National Forest

A moderate upslope takes you from the street to a level building site on this spacious corner parcel. This homesite is large enough to create a private forest enclave, while enjoying easy access to the resort and National Forest.

Homesite #443

226 Indian Shadow

0.93 acres
  • View
  • National Forest

Building is easy on this level lot. Open up great views to the west, and enjoy National Forest access just down the street.

Homesite #444

248 Indian Shadow

0.99 acres
  • View
  • National Forest
  • Resort Core

Conveniently located close to the resort core, this parcel has an attractive level building site, pretty mountain views, and the National Forest just down the street.

Homesite #445

135 Double Eagle

0.91 acres
  • View
  • Resort Core

Close to the resort core, this cul-de-sac parcel offers delightful mountain views. With a level building site and backing to open recreation space, it’s a sweet surprise.

Homesite #046

502 Deer Trail

1.47 acres
  • Feather River
  • National Forest

With your back yard opening to Plumas National Forest, you’ll experience the serenity of the natural world throughout this lovely parcel. A level building site and the quiet setting make this homesite a perfect basecamp for a mountain biking/hiking adventure right out your back door.

Homesite #066

252 Falling Water

1 acres
  • Feather River
  • National Forest

Perched above the wild and scenic Feather River, this remarkable parcel offers stunning views of the canyon’s unique rock formations and the dramatic mountains beyond. The gentle uphill slope leads to a spectacular level building site where your home will embrace the distinctive natural beauty that make the Lost Sierra so alluring.

Homesite #008

120 Fox Run

1.37 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage
  • Resort Core

The golf course frontage, western exposure and cul-de-sac setting make this parcel particularly desireable. The level building site along the picturesque sixth green provides beautiful views from ground floor and upper storeys of your home. Savor the relaxation you’ll find here.

Homesite #086

408 Sunburst

1.01 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage

The 2nd green offers a lovely vista for this attractive parcel. The forest setting and a gentle uphill slope combine to create a scenic site for your dream home. Nearby national forest access gives the homesite the feel of a larger parcel.

Homesite #009

55 Windsong

2.57 acres
  • Resort Core

This big and beautiful parcel is pure charm. Pretty pines dot the property that boasts a level building site and lots of room to roam. Located close to the resort core, it’s an excellent location.

Homesite #009

55 Windsong

2.57 acres
  • Resort Core

This big and beautiful parcel is pure charm. Pretty pines dot the property that boasts a level building site and lots of room to roam. Located close to the resort core, it’s an excellent location.

Homesite #090

22 Park View

0.9 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage

Enjoy golf course proximity and lovely views from this appealing parcel overlooking the 2nd green. The privacy of a cul-de-sac street and the level building site combine to create a sweet spot to call your own.

Homesite #091

21 Park View

1 acres
  • Golf Course Frontage

The spacious 2nd and 3rd fairways create an expansive feel at the front of this ideal, level parcel. The refined golf course landscape is contrasted by the natural pine forest on the parcel and the nearby access to untamed national forest.


Nakoma sits at the heart of an untrammeled alpine wonderland featuring 8,500-foot peaks sprinkled with more than 50 turquoise, glacially carved lakes. Turn the car north at Truckee and in under an hour you’ll be on the tee, the trail or simply happy to be away from it all. In the same time it takes to get to Lake Tahoe you’ll leave the worldly worries and crowds far behind.


Altitude Recreation

A brand-new, 12,000-square- foot, state-of- the-art facility, is your destination for health, fitness, wellness and sports performance while you are at Nakoma.


The very essence of casual mountain living and the epitome of luxurious convenience. Scale and proportion are always correct, finishes both appropriate and meticulous. Every Ascend home will feature quality construction utilizing the latest in green manufacturing principles, generous indoor/outdoor living and refined mountain-modern styling. Each home includes ample deck space ideal for spontaneous outdoor entertaining.


The centerpiece for which the resort was named, provides the heartbeat for the resort and the surrounding community. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Clubhouse to embody connection — with the land, with the trees and with the mountain air — and it is a connection that reverberates from this heart center.


Practice makes perfect, and this is the perfect place for practice. Before you tee off, be sure to shake off the shanks at our driving range just steps from the golf shop in the clubhouse. Roll a few putts on the green and be on your way to a great round.


Just a short drive north of Truckee, you break free of the traffic, the lift lines and unavailable tee times to arrive at the jewel of the Lost Sierra: Nakoma Resort — as much a state of mind as a physical place. At the center is Nakoma’s Frank Lloyd Wright Clubhouse, a marvel of imagination brought to life with his trademark interplay of wood, stone and natural light that is a delight to our owners and visitors alike.


600 Acre Preserve


No. 1 (Dragon’s Lookout, HCP 11) Spectacular driving hole! Aim your drive left center and let it rip — a slight fade will not hurt you. Play the second shot just right of the trees on the left side of the fairway. Those trees are 90 yards from the center of the green. Green breaks from left to right. Keep your ball below the hole!

HOLE #10

No. 10 (Dragon’s Lagoon, HCP 6) If you hit a driver, aim down the right side of the fairway; a driver hit to far left has a chance to reach the water. Play your second to the right side of the green to take the water out of play. Hit the green in two and you have a good chance for par or BIRDIE!

HOLE #11

No. 11 (Teeth of the Dragon, HCP 4) Hit your driver or 3 wood, aiming just left of the trees on the right. This is a dogleg right. You can hit through the fairway. Be careful. Hit your second shot straight up the throat of the Dragon and then a wedge into the green. Par is a good score on this hole!

HOLE #12

No. 12 (Dragon’s Gate, HCP 12) Aim your drive to the middle of the 3 large boulders in the distance. The second shot is uphill and requires a little extra club. If the flagstick is in the front, play your ball into the tier of the green and it will feed back to the hole — BIRDIE! If the flagstick is middle or back, be sure to hit enough club to get over the tier on the green.

HOLE #13

No. 13 (Defiance, HCP 10) Uphill: aim your tee shot at the center of the green. All carry tee shot. Anything left is in the hazard. Add one more club if the pin is back.

HOLE #14

No. 14 (Revenge, HCP 8) Aim your drive down the center of the fairway. Straight is a must on this narrow driving hole. A second shot that clears the fairway bunker will feed down toward the green. Favor the left side on your approach shot as a fade will catch the right greenside bunker.

HOLE #15

No. 15 (Dragon’s Fire, HCP 16) A beautiful driving hole! The carry may look long, but trust us, it will not come into play with a good drive. Aim your drive at the tree on the left side of the fairway. If the flagstick is back, play to the middle of the green and your ball will feed right. There is room to miss left of this green.

HOLE #16

No. 16 (Audacity, HCP 2) Another beautiful hole to let the driver fly. Aim your tee shot down the right center of the fairway and you may catch some extra yards. Your second shot will most likely have a downhill lie and play a little shorter into this shallow green. Smart second is just playing to the middle of the green. Bear down and make a par. Anything better and you probably just took some money from your competition!

HOLE #17

No. 17 (Dragon’s Pearl, HCP 18) Uphill and all carry. This is a two-tier green. If the flagstick is on the bottom tier and you hit your ball into the slope on the green, the ball will roll back to the flagstick — BIRDIE TIME! If the flagstick in on top, take one more club.

HOLE #18

No. 18 (Enlightenment, HCP 14) This hole usually plays into the wind. Play your drive to the right of the bunker. The second shot should be played to the left of the fairway, which slopes to the right. If you can’t reach the flat area beyond the bunker, be careful. Use enough club for the uphill third shot.


No. 2 (Deception, HCP 3) Must keep your drive straight! A fade will catch the bunker on the right and a pull will be blocked out by the trees on the left. It is 270 yards to the ravine from Dragon 3 tees. Long drives could go through the fairway or have a downhill lie. Take a look at the ravine before deciding your second shot. There is a good landing area over the ravine and short of the green. Without a perfect drive, play for a 5.


No. 3 (Simplicity, HCP 9) 222 yards to the first fairway bunker on the left from Dragon 3 tees. Try to get the drive over the hill to the flat landing area. A good miss is short right on your second shot into the green. Be careful if the flagstick is in the back of the green. A strong putt or chip will roll off the green.


No. 4 (Faith, HCP 15) Risk/Reward on this tee shot! 291 yards to drive the green from Dragon 3 tees. Miss left and your ball will be rolling down the canyon into the Feather River. Lay up and hit a wedge or short iron into the green. On the approach, err short and right of the green. Be sure to take a quick picture of the view down the canyon on the left side of the hole.


No. 5 (Hope, HCP 17) Beautiful par 3! Choose the correct club, for long is once again forgotten. The hole will generally play a full club short in comparison to its yardage. A good hole to aim at the middle of the green for this is the smallest one on the course. Hit the green and for sure have a birdie run!


No. 6 (Charity, HCP 1) Hard dogleg left. A bogey is very good score on this No. 1 handicap hole. Hit your tee shot down the left center of this fairway. A fade will leave you a very long uphill second shot; a pull may leave you behind the fairway tree. Anything over the ravine on your 2nd shot is OK. If you are blocked out by the fairway tree, aim over the outcropping of rocks on the right, there is a landing area out there. The green slopes hard from left to right.


No. 7 (Dragon’s Tail, HCP 13) Play as a 3-shot hole! Aim your tee shot 10–15 yards right of the fairway bunkers on the left. There is a good landing area short and right of the green, clear of Serpents Pond and the greenside bunker. Then it is a short pitch shot to the green. Anything over this green is a very hard chip or pitch back.


No. 8 (Looking Glass, HCP 7) Hit plenty of club! Aim for the right center of the green. Miss short right; left is wet. Good hole to leave with a par.


No. 9 (Perseverance, HCP 5) Favor the left side of the fairway on the drive. A long drive on the right can go through the fairway. You may have a downhill lie on the approach, which is all carry. Although long and left is a very difficult chip. The bunkers short are no bargain. This green slopes back to front and is challenging.


The new 42-room Lodge at Nakoma is the inviting and modern complement to existing resort amenities and the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Clubhouse. Our spacious, sleek yet comfy light-filled rooms have either two queen beds or one king and will keep you coming back again and again. No detail goes unnoticed — including the welcome you will receive.



The Residence Club members enjoy a lifetime of lodging and golf privileges at the acclaimed Dragon Golf Course and discounts at the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright Clubhouse. Members also will have access to the spectacular new Altitude Recreation Center, right next door to the unique and beautifully appointed Taliesin-designed Residence Club.


LODGE CONNECTOR – This very short connector trail enables Guests staying at the Lodge to quickly access the Nakoma Trail System. After leaving the Lodge parking area you’ll spot the road Double Eagle. Follow the road up a short way to connect into the Interpretive, Dancing Bears and Cool Water Trails.


VILLAGE TRAIL – A short, leisurely path that winds through the Village connecting the Lodge and Clubhouse. This 0.3 mile trail travels along Statue Pond, Nakoma Creek and the soon-to-be built Altitude Recreational Center. Watch for traffic as this trail requires crossing County Road A-15 and Great Spirit.


This 0.6 mile trail can be accessed from either A-15 or Great Spirit. It is level as it traverses the Dragon Golf Course. The trail then makes its way upward to Great Spirit. Along the trail, 27 native trees and plants are identified. No dogs are permitted on this trail because it goes through the golf course.


 CLOUDS REST TRAIL –  This trail begins on Great Spirit where the Interpretive Trail ends. Some sections of this 0.7 mile trail are strenuous. Clouds Rest Trail provides access to three other trails: Boulder Garden, Blazing Star and Eagles Nest.


BOULDER GARDEN TRAIL – This short, moderately difficult, 0.2 mile trail takes the hiker to interesting granite outcroppings which make a wonderful setting for a picnic. The trail terminates at the intersection of Moon Shadow and Startop.


BLAZING STAR TRAIL – Strenuous at times, this 0.8 mile trail can be reached from the Clouds Rest Trail or Clouds Rest Road. The final portion of the trail travels through a heavily wooded area and ends abruptly at the National Forest boundary. There are no views from this trail, but plenty of quiet and solitude.


EAGLES NEST TRAIL – This trail provides a great view of peaks to the west and the Portola area. It can be accessed from several points: the terminus of the Clouds Rest Trail and on the Eagles Nest loop. It is fairly short at 0.4 miles but moderately difficult with one steep stretch.


DANCING BEARS TRAIL – The longest in the system at 1.8 miles, this trail provides a great view of the community. Generally, it’s an easy trail with some elevation gain at the end. The trail can be accessed at both Dancing Bears gates and north of A-15 across from the Interpretive Trail.


COOL WATER TRAIL – Beginning on the north side of A-15, this easy 0.4 mile trail crosses Deer Trail (road) as it heads toward the Plumas National Forest. Once at the boundary, hikers may wish to make their way down to the Middle Fork of the Feather River.


FALLING WATER RIVER ACCESS – The most strenuous trail in the system, Falling Water holds the most promise for experiencing the Feather River. After a short hike and lots of switchbacks, hikers can proceed parallel to the river for 0.8 miles. There are several branches which lead to the river for fishing, picnicking and enjoyment of this delightful area.


DEER TRAIL RIVER ACCESS – This trail is the quickest way to the Feather River. From Deer Trail it’s a short 0.1 mile to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks where the trail ends. It’s more fun going down than up! Proceed at your own risk along the tracks in either direction to the river.


SUNBURST TRAIL – Located in the same general area as the Paint Brush Trail, this level trail of 0.3 miles ends at the National Forest boundary. Hikers can follow deer trails and/or the stream bed to the Feather River (approximately 0.5 miles more).


PAINT BRUSH TRAIL – This short trail begins between Paint Brush and Emerald Point and ends at the National Forest boundary. Pick up several deer trails to hike westerly for scenic views of the Feather River.