Netflix — Nakoma’s New Neighbor


Yes, Netflix, the world’s largest streaming service and production company based in Los Gatos, now has a “campus” in the Lost Sierra.

Short-Term Rentals at Nakoma

exterior ascend residence

With new short-term rental restrictions abounding, what is a prospective property buyer in a Sierra resort destination to do if STR income is an element of your investment plan, or even used as an occasional income generator? Check out Nakoma!

What’s In A Drive?


The real estate savings for the extra bit of driving between Truckee-Tahoe and Nakoma are jaw-dropping (and so is the scenery along the way!)

Why Buy Real Estate Now?

Investors who buck trends don’t follow “groupthink” and the emotional waves of the market. They hold when everyone is selling; sell when everyone else says the market is in a perpetual climb; and buy when everyone says the world is coming to an end.

Building Your Custom Home

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Once you’ve worked with the Nakoma Life team to find your homesite in the Nakoma Community, we’re ready to set you up for the successful design and build of your custom home.


Sardine Lakes

Beyond the beauty of living at Nakoma itself, the landscape that makes up our big backyard is the icing on the Nakoma Life cake.